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 July 2008 Issue

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PostSubject: July 2008 Issue   Thu Jul 17, 2008 2:09 am

The End of Science: The Power of Big Data
Solving scientific problems used to require grand theories. Now it just requires number crunching. Welcome to the Petabyte Age.
The Google Phone
First Andy Rubin created the Sidekick. Now he's the brains behind Android, an open source operating system for your cell phone that deftly serves up the Web -- and billions of Google-fueled ads in the process.
The Darkest Knight
For his Batman sequel, director Christopher Nolan wanted a realistic crime thriller. So he went heavy on the grit and easy on the digital effects.
Global Cooling
How to combat climate change: (1) inject a million tons of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere; (2) wait for temperatures to drop.
The World's Cheapest Car
Tata's new Nano promises an Indian family safety on the road at the right price. But what happens when millions of the tiny cars invade the subcontinent?
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July 2008 Issue
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